Our Mission

Our Story

Started in 2016 as an idea, our founder, Rantea Emir Thompson, was wondering how she is could help to shift the way individuals perceive people of color in the world. Using theater as the medium, she would facilitate this conversation with a group of actors from all walks of life. They talked about their experiences and why they were feeling discouraged in a career they loved. Having learned that she wasn't alone, she decided to start producing shows that would give everyone no matter what ethnicity, age, or gender an opportunity to lift their spirits and play roles they normally would not get cast in. Putting on her first show in 2017, she felt this community could be even more than she imagined. Bringing like-minded people of board who want to help their fellow actors make it in the professional world is all she ever wanted. Emir means "Prince" or "Governor" in Arabic, but most of all it is her middle name. EMIR Productions' motto "For Artists By Artists" is an amazing way to say Artists come together to build our community up, so that other Artists can be a "Governor" over their careers.