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Here from our founder, Rantea Emir Thompson, why we are different!



The majority of our classes and production rehearsals will be at our Main Studio:

313 West North Street Unit 2

Akron, Ohio 44303

Our secondary location is:

803 Wooster Road North

Barberton, Ohio 44203



EMIR Productions LLC-Ohio are bringing new and exciting classes and productions for people of all ages. Not only are our classes affordable, our teachers are right there with every step of the way. So whether you or your child are just starting off or if you have been doing this a while, we meet you right where you are no matter what! OH... and with love!

Street Dance
Image by Robert Collins

EMIR Dance Studio-Ohio

From newborn to 18 years old, your child will learn the art of dance with some amazing teachers. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and even an Intro to Movement for our babies. We have something for every age and skill level.

Location: Main Studio

Adult Classes Coming Soon! 

You 'N Me in Harmony Music Class

For children newborn-7 years old. Lead by Maestros of Music, our resident singing group, they bring early music education in a fun way! Every week is a different theme and music term that your children will learn through music. Fun for the whole family!

Location: Main Studio and Virtual

*This is an Adult Participation Class

Empty Classroom
Image by Ryan Gagnon

EMIR College Mock Audition Prep

For High School Juniors and Seniors. For four Saturdays, each child will be able to workshop and get a leg up on auditioning to get into college. Hitting on Vocal Performance, Dance, and Acting, for the first three weeks, our teachers will give your child the necessary tools to be ready for one of the most important days of their lives, and on the fourth Saturday, the teachers will run a mock audition in real time. Unlike real college auditions, your child will receive notes on what was amazing and what to improve on.

Location: Main Studio


Come burn some calories with our fitness instructor Demica and be a part of a new approach to fitness. It is not enough to workout, but what about the in-between? Need help with nutrition, personalized plans, or maybe even meal prepping? These are just some of the things that we will do together. We want to tackle to whole person not just the outside!

Location: Secondary Studio and Virtual

Because of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, we want to provide everyone an with every opportunity to take classes. Make sure to contact us right away if you are having financial difficulty.


EMIR Productions Children's Theatre-Ohio


EMIR Productions-Ohio

This is our first season and we are starting off with a bang! Our first in-person full production will be in October 2021!


EMIR Productions Children's Theatre-Ohio

Also know as EPCT-Ohio. Must be 6-17 years old to be in the productions. 18 year olds, still in high school, will have the chance to be an assistant with our mentorship program. They get to work alongside directors, stage managers, and more to get experience in theatre!

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Actors on stage

EMIR Productions-Ohio

For our actors 18 years old and up! EMIR Productions-Ohio is slated to start adult productions in October 2022! Bringing our experience from both NYC and Ohio, we will be creating professional opportunities to all no matter if you are doing this for fun or for a career. We provide a safe space for all and strive to be inclusive in all fronts including the shows we pick and the production team.
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Because of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, we want to provide everyone an with every opportunity to take classes. Make sure to contact us right away if you are having financial difficulty.

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"The goal isn't to live forever, but to create something that will."

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313 West North Street Unit 2

Akron, Ohio 44303

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