"Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal"



with Demica Zelee

Fitness should not just be going to the gym, feeling self-conscious about your body, and then eventually giving up. This is where EMIR FIT comes in. Demica Zelee has been a certified fitness instructor for many years, but wanted to develop a program that was unique and, although pushes people, makes them feel like they can do it!

Although we encourage everyone to come everyday to see more results, we would like for you to feel comfortable and go at your own pace. 

Summer Session is June 7th-August 22nd


Whole Program: $225 for 12 weeks or $18.75 a week

3 days a week: $175 for 12 weeks or $14.58 a week (does not include coaching)

2 days a week: $125 for 12 weeks or $10.42 a week (does not include coaching)

Payment plans are available and split into 3 easy payments!

How about our virtual options? You are able to join virtually for $10 per class. 

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Monday: Cardio and Abs

We understand cardio and abs can be scary for most, but let Demica show you the way with different kinds of modifications that work for your body. On top of that she does it with a positive attitude!


Tuesday: Lower Body

Glutes, thighs, and even lower back are some muscles and parts of the body that will be worked on this day. Make sure to stay hydrated!

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Wednesday: Upper Body

Your upper body is just as important. Before you know it, your arms will be able to lift you!


Thursday: Full Body and Strengthening 

Combining your upper and lower body in one workout will push you a little more, but don't worry you got this!

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Friday: Cardio and Abs

Another round of cardio and abs for you! Demica promises it will be amazing!

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Saturday: HIIT

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training is where you alternate between short bursts of intense activity and low-intense activity or a short rest. HIIT makes your body burn more calories and burn more fat.

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Coaching & Nutrition Planning

This is where we come together to rest and talk about our week coming up. Demica will give you information and tips on meal planning, nutrition, and help with your own goals. Fitness journeys are not just about exercise.

Payment Plans are available!


EMV.i.P. Status

Become part of the inner circle. You will receive merchandise, get one-on-one coaching with Demica, be able to participate challenges that could win you money, and be the first to know all that is happening with EMIR FIT!

Each EMV.i.P. Membership Includes: 


Water Bottle

2 Free One-on-One Sessions a Month

...and much more

You can only become EMV.i.P. if you are taking classes. 
Membership is monthly and can be cancelled at anytime. Refunds for the month, can only be given up to 3 days before your next payment.

Join EMV.i.P.

Membership: $25 a month